Fig Pickin’ Devotional

Written by stringbox

We went to see my grandfather recently, to pick some figs that were ready on his trees. So we took him some lunch and visited and ate with him before going out to pick. And I want to mention, I enjoy hearing my grandfather ask the blessing at a meal. There’s something about the sincerity in what he says in his thankfulness and in the blessing he asks for those present and others whom he’s concerned about that’s often jumped out at me. I know a lot about his character in general, but there’s just that other little something can sometimes shows through when a person prays. And that’s just a neat thing to me.

Now, for the devotional part here… pretend you like figs, ok, just if you don’t, and they are going to represent God’s blessings for you in life.

When picking figs, you’re either sometimes on a ladder or also like in my case I got up on the roof. I’ve always liked climbing trees and being up in one, and in the case of these, they weren’t necessarily the best for climbing so I got on the roof to be where I could reach the higher figs.

So in that scenario, on a ladder or on the roof, it’s a sort of be still and know that He is God situation. It’s a steady position kind of deal where you only reach an appropriate distance for what you’re picking. You don’t, as it were, move while you’re picking.

Figs, like blessings, are ready at different times in your life. And when they’re ready, there’s very little effort needed on your part, you just reach up and take it and put it in your bucket. Some take just a little more effort but are never that difficult.

I theorize about effort in one’s relationship to God and of course I could be wrong and maybe this is just how it seems to work out for me, but regarding effort, it appears that the more effort I put in myself, or to phrase a slightly different way, the more I try to make something happen myself, the less successful it is, or I am. The work then, seems to be more in two areas, 1) understanding new things and concepts, or how things work or are to come about, and 2) in waiting patiently for things to come about.

Waiting, in patience, is a true challenge. Especially when something you desire is a good thing, and it’s a dream worthy of pursuit, still, in this world, even when there’s a great idea, or something good for you that you know would be proper for you to go after, it always takes time for it to come about. And it can be a really long wait sometimes. Even longer than waiting on figs!

And getting back to the figs, you’ll definitely see while you’re picking them that there may still be lots of green ones, and of course you just wait a little longer for those and go back the next week and so on, but then there’s some that are way up in the tree, and those just might not be for you. God may want to feed the birds with those you know as he cares for them too, and those out of reach figs, you just have to understand are not for you. There are many good things, blessings, that exist that just may not be yours, and definitely are not yours. You can appreciate that they exist, but you have to work within a certain scope of what you can handle, and naturally, if you can be trusted with little you may be trusted with more later on.