What If We “Elected” Journalists?

Written by stringbox

Question for pondering:

If journalism was a state run affair, would voting for the chief journalists help you feel represented?

Now let me immediately clarify that this is just a philosophical question for fun and self knowledge. The question is not meant to bring into discussion whether or not state government should or should not have a role in journalism. I do not think it should as there are many areas in which I do not think the government should be involved.

The above question is simply one for pondering how voting makes you feel outside of its usual context. Sometimes taking an analogy of something into different light helps us see it more clearly, obviously. You may have heard it described by some that it doesn’t matter if a slave gets to choose his master, because he is still a slave, or subservient, let’s say. Imagine then “the powers that be” suddenly decide that informative news was just as important as health care and they should be in charge of it. They quickly follow up with explanation that they are not evil and so chief journalists will be elected officials very similar to Congress.

Would the ability granted you to vote for the chief journalists alleviate and/or justify their actions?