David Bowie Said The Lord’s Prayer?

Why did David Bowie say the Lord’s Prayer between songs at a Queen tribute concert in 1992?

I wasn’t aware of this until now, Bowie’s death has brought this up though on the internet. And there’s video, so it must be real.
Anyway, I don’t know why he did it but I’ll speculate about it, naturally. Bowie is a huge influence on me and I’ll always have high respect for his creativity and adventurous nature, much the same way I respect similar creative adventurers like Billy Corgan or John Lennon, et al.

Of course, I’m not under any delusion about the equally exploratory natures of the beliefs of some of my artistic heroes. I know they’ve dabbled in many things and looked for answers in a plethora of places like any wonderer does. Certainly I always hope and pray my heroes (and e’rybody) ends up with Jesus, but I don’t presume to know anyone’s heart.

Let me get back on track with this, ha. From some other references to this event I looked up, I take it Bowie saw the prayer as sort of universal, as he mentions and was thinking of a friend who had just slipped into a coma.

For Christians, we may go in various directions with such a situation, and possibly think it misused or wasted on those who don’t believe. On the other hand though, we can easily look through history and see God using the strangest choice of characters and often flawed persons to do important (and strange) things.

I believe Bowie was a very sincere person and from these few bits I’ve read am also willing to believe he really felt urged to do it and was glad he’d done it. So again, I won’t dare say I know the purpose of the whole situation, but that I do find it an intriguing event, and fully believe it’s POSSIBLE God could trigger such an event for his own mysterious purposes. It wouldn’t be the first time.



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