Some of the Best Cat Toys

Our little orange boy, Reggie, is a playing cat. He plays hard, and especially when he becomes engrossed with a certain toy.


His first addiction was the ‘bee’. I have no idea what got him so worked up about it, but when he first discovered it as a kitten, he latched onto it, growled, and tried to haul it away, he didn’t know where to, he just knew he had to go with it.

It was one of those that is attached to a small wand by a thin wire. BTW whatever toy is on the end, the wire “string” toys have always been great. They bend well enough to fling a toy around, but are tough enough they won’t be chewed and eaten.

The wand and wire will last for many hours, months, years(?) of play, but needless to say, the bees will get gnawed and destroyed. So Reggie has gotten some Amazon ambien 10 mg tablets orders lately. And while reordering some bees, I found some very colorful, soft worms. He wasn’t completely sure about the worms at first, but after slinging one quickly back and forth under a doorway (cats love mystery), he got hooked on the idea of catching and now the worms are favorite too. And I’m pleased at how they’re holding up.

Some lovely affiliate links below if you need to grab some, which of course keep Reggie in cat food and toys and me in coffee. 🙂

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