Cartoon Road Side Scroll Night
Click below to download a 30 second video of this side scrolling scene. I hope to keep making more of
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels I recently subscribed to a news provider Quoting.... 1440 provides an impartial view
Well, let's give it a go, but you'll still be wrong about a few things NO MATTER HOW MANY INTERNET
Life is hard, and annoying, and sometimes the internet seems to make it worse. HOWEVER. Now and then you stumble
Our little orange boy, Reggie, is a playing cat. He plays hard, and especially when he becomes engrossed with a
I love this video. Apparently the lion is her pet. It's just so funny to see such a big acting
Cheetah3D Render
Cheetah3D Render With Only Primitives, Modifiers, And Shaders Well, I'm just plum tickled with this render. Slowly, but surely, more
  Another fun Motion 5 learning experience with a particle emitter and a replicator. The more still star field in
  This is a very simplistic side scrolling view of  moving down a road made entirely in Motion 5. The
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