Free Star Field and Warp Jump Motion Background



Another fun Motion 5 learning experience with a particle emitter and a replicator. The more still star field in the background is a randomly filled replicator and the moving stars are of course the emitter. The star stretch was done by elongating the x (width) of the flare used as the particle. Mostly pleased with the result despite a few dotted looking streaks that I think are because of the angle.

Adjusting the speed to be right was also a challenge. It’s not the standard Star Wars jump to warp but could certainly be useful in an animation so you are welcome to download it and/or the Motion 5 project file.

Click here to download the motion background:

Download “Star Field and Jump to Warp” – Downloaded 1109 times – 33.25 MB

Click here to download the Motion 5 project file:

Download “Star Field and Warp Motion 5 File” – Downloaded 1299 times – 6.63 KB

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