Cheetah3D Render With Only Primitives, Modifiers, And Shaders

Written by stringbox
Cheetah3D Render With Only Primitives, Modifiers, And Shaders

Well, I’m just plum tickled with this render. Slowly, but surely, more and more 3D concepts and techniques are starting to make sense. I’m grasping some learning. And so in this scene, I managed to use only primitive shapes, tweak their settings, throw on some modifiers, and then apply materials with some fiddling around in the node editor to get various looks of reflection, bump mapping, and all that cool stuff. Oh and technically, there is an hdr sky image used that helps with the lighting and you can see it reflecting in the floor but everything else is builtin to Cheetah3D.

Cheetah3D Render
Cheetah3D Ver 6.3.2, Render Time 623.07 Seconds, Resolution 1280×720

Really, really, really enjoying 3D, and especially Cheetah3D now that some important things are starting to click, particularly with lighting, shading, and texturing. Now that I know the end result can look great, I need to focus more on improving modeling skills. Like I said before, only modifiers were used for this scene, so no “box modeling” was done. Even though box modeling is just a lot of extruding and moving of points, lines, and planes, I’ve much to improve on in the way of efficiently using the available tools. Good times, good times.

Cheetah3D Screenshot
Cheetah3D Screenshot With Node Editor